Exhibit Builder Sections/Pages question

Still playing around with Omeka and trying to get my bearings, and have been wondering about the concept of Sections vs. Pages within exhibits.

It seems that if I have a section, I must also have at least one page within that section, as I'm getting errors if I don't.

For my particular usage, I don't really see the need to have a middle tier - the section - within my exhibit. I want one main pages, and 8 sub-pages that contain images and text beneath that. So one main summary page with my 8 sub pages linked directly from that.

Right now it seems that I have to create 8 sections, and then create one page within each of these sections, which seems like an unnecessary step, unless I'm going about this wrong.

Any info is appreciated.

Why not just have 1 Section with 8 Pages?

Or do you want more than just a text box on the Section page?

I thought about that but discounted it at first because the layouts seem to favor sections as the primary navigation elements, rather than pages.

I was trying to avoid having a layout like this:

Main Page
Page 1
Page 2

When I really want this:

Main Page
Page 1
Page 2

I guess I could put everything as a page within one section and hide the section navigation links in my CSS, or just set up my custom theme to not include them in the first place.

But this seems like a crude hack and counter intuitive to me; I was hoping Omeka was flexible enough to allow for multiple levels of pages rather than forcing the three tiered system that seems to be in place.

Yeah, the Exhibit -> Section -> Page hierarchy is pretty set.

You could hide the section nav in your exhibit theme. I don't think that's a crude hack necessarily, that'd be more if you edited the ExhibitBuilder code directly to hide/disable sections.

Thinking about it more, creating 8 Sections with just 1 Page each might not be that bad. I know it can seem weird, but it's not wrong or anything.

Hi I was very interested in getting rid of of the section hierarchy as well.

Is there any guides on how to hide the section navigation and also displaying page 1 (Intro) right after you click the exhibit?