Exhibit Builder plugin errors

Hi all,
I'm new at this, so will appreciate your help. Apologies if I'm making an obvious mistake without realizing...

The problem: I am running Omeka 2.1 on the site www.oralhistoryucc.com. I had the Exhibit Builder plugin installed (version 2.1), but the 'attach item' function didn't work. I thought I'd try uninstalling and then installing the newest version (2.1.1). Uninstall went fine, but now I can't install the plugin again. The FTP client gets about 1/3 of the way through the upload and then fails. Error message currently says: FTP error: upload failed /public_html/plugins/ExhibitBuilder/languages/fi_FI.mo 500 unknown command'. It is then impossible to delete the folder via the FTP client, so I have to go into the hosting control panel and delete it from there. Also, the plugin is still listed on the dashboard plugins page, but says 'this is not a valid plugin'.

Help please? I was hoping to have students build exhibits in class on Tuesday so kind of panicking now... Thanks!


Update: I got Exhibit Builder 2.1.1 installed when I deleted the 'languages' folder (so hope that's not crucial)

But I still can't add items... I click 'attach an item', select one, and nothing happens.

I would also like to figure out how to give contributors the ability to edit any exhibit, if that's possible. Any pointers in the right direction much appreciated.


Have you cleared the cache in your browser recently for everything?

Contributors can build and edit their own exhibits.

If you want students to edit multiple exhibits, I suggest you give them administrator-level permissions.

Thanks. Add item problem sorted.

Regarding contributors editing exhibits, I was hoping for something like this - http://omeka.org/forums/topic/contributors-need-to-collaborate-on-certain-exhibit - that would work for the current version of Omeka. I don't want to give the contributors full admin permissions. just the ability to collaborate on exhibits.