Exhibit Builder pages not working

Hi all,
I have just started working with a newly installed instance of Omeka. I did not do the install myself, but everything seems to be working well, with one exception.
I am just running some tests to see if I can create an exhibit using the 2 test objects I have entered to the system. I have no problem creating exhibits or sections, but every time I try to add a page to a section, I fail. I get to "Page Metadata," but cannot select any of the layout thumbnails. If I try to save the page, I get a message "Layout: Layout must be provided for each exhibit page." The thumbnails simply won't link annoyware. The page is not timing out; nothing is happening at all.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions? or Plug-ins that might be causing problems (I have a bunch). If it was a problem with the install, where should I start looking?

Can you tell us what version of Omeka and the exhibit builder you are running, and which plugins are activated?



To make things simpler, I deactivated all the plug ins I don't need right away. I am still having the same problem. I am running Omeka, version 1.3.1.

The plug-ins I have still active are:
Exhibit Builder--Version 0.5.2
OAI-PMH Harvester--Version 1.0
Simple Pages--Version 0.2.3

Any advice?
-ps, should have included this info last time, that is what happens when I try to post right before quitting time, sorry for the omission.


You'll need the new version of ExhibitBuilder, 1.0, which actually comes pre-packaged with our 1.3.x distributions of Omeka. Lots of (good) changes in there. There's also an updated version of SimplePages for Omeka 1.3 that you may want to get too, if you're using that.

I just presumed we had installed the most recent versions, I did not check. Thanks for spotting the problem.


One thing to note with ExhibitBuilder 1.0 is that it changes how it deals with themes. Instead of having its own custom exhibit_themes directory, it uses the themes in Omeka's public themes directory. (We talked about this briefly in our 1.3 release blog post.) This was a point of confusion for a lot of Omeka users, so we made the change.

If you have any custom themes for exhibits, you'll need to update them to work with EB 1.0, using our documentation, and put them in the regular 'themes' directory.

I wish to thank you all for your advice, and ask yet another question. Our webmaster went ahead and upgraded all our plug-ins. Now, while I can add pages, I cannot add items to the pages. The light box does not appear when I click on the "add item" button. Instead the page just reloads. Any more suggestions? I disabled all pop-up blockers and such.

I am running Omeka version 1.3.1
While I have many plug-ins installed only the ones below are active:
Exhibit Builder Version 1.0
OAI-PMH Harvester Version 1.0
Simple Contact Form Version 0.3
Simple Pages Version 1.0

Hi CAMc,

It sounds like you either have JavaScript turned off in your browser, or there is some kind of JavaScript conflict or error with ExhibitBuilder. First, can you confirm whether you have JavaScript enabled in your browser? Can you also tell us what browsers you've tried this on?