Exhibit Builder not setting the body class?

Having a problem setting the body class in my pages built with Exhibit Builder. If my exhibits use the "current public theme" the body's class is set correctly, but any of the themes in ExhibitBuilder/views/shared/exhibit_themes/ do not set this. The $bodyclass variable is not defined and the <body> tag in my rendered html has an extra space where the class should be.

Any way to fix this, or is this a known bug?

I think this is fixed in 1.2. What version are you on?

Right now I'm in 1.2 - not the absolute latest, but definitely 1.2.

I'll upgrade to 1.2.1 if I can and see what happens.

I am having same problem, and have current versions.
Was your problem resolved?

Marka: Can you tell us what theme you're using for your exhibit? If you can provide a link, that would also be helpful.