Exhibit Builder Item Files

Does Exhibit Builder not allow me to select individual files that are attached to an item? I have items that represent editions of newspapers, and within that item several scanned pages of that edition. I want to build an exhibit with the text of each page next to that page, but I can't select individual pages, only the entire item which then imports all the pages in one long list.

Would I really have to create a separate item for every page of every newspaper? This seems very unwieldy.

At this point, no, it does not allow you to select a file attached to an item. I want this feature as well.

You can manually add the HTML code for images to the exhibit page text, but if you have more than a few this is probably not an attractive option.

I encountered the same problem and ended up using html. Not the best!

For the ExhibitBuilder plugin, you want the ability to specify the file within an item for an exhibit page. I'm moving this topic to the feature request forum.

This has also been requested by our users, if it helps. Most of our items are going to have multiple associated files.

Thanks, we do have plans to include that functionality in the Exhibit Builder 2.0 version.