Exhibit Builder HTML Editor not working after 1.3 upgrade

Hi Again,

While adding pages to a section of an exhibit, in the Page Content section, one has the choice of using the wysiwyg or editing the html directly.

We just upgraded to 1.3 and now these changes won't save. I've tried editing the html directly and using the editor. Before the upgrade I had no problem with this.

All I'm trying to add are some paragraph breaks into a block of text but after I save and either return to section or add new page, when I go back to that previous page, the changes are gone.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Does any of the text you enter into any of the boxes save? Also, what other plugins do you have activated?

TinyMCE sometimes does do some "cleaning up" of the HTML you enter, but if even plain text isn't saving, you're having another problem.

It will save plain text and I've seen itclean up some HTML for me while we were still running 1.2. It was great and I could use it to my advantage but now, its removing all HTML formatting so I just have a big block of text (no paragraph breaks <p>, no formatting at all)

I can't even get a paragraph break entered in through the wysiwyg editor to save and display.

Anyone know why?

Do you have the HtmlPurifier plugin installed?

We do. We just deactivated it and that seems to fix the problem for now.

Is the HTMLPurifier not working correctly with 1.3?

Hi Heather,

I just added a few paragraphs in Exhibit Builder, with an activated HtmlPurifier, with no trouble. What are your settings in the HtmlPurifier plugin, specifically the whitelist of allowed tags and attributes? If your whitelist is blank, that is likely the problem.

Could you also provide an example of the markup you're trying to add, preferrably at pastebin, and post the link to it here, if the HtmlPurifier settings seem good?