Exhibit Builder Bugs

Not sure where the problem is, I'm getting several error messages. Upgraded today to 1.0 and everything seems fine except Exhibits. I installed Exhibit Builder Plugin, and tried to Add an Exhibit.

Error message:
Mysqli prepare error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHERE slug = ?' at line 1

This prevents me from adding sections or saving the attempted exhibit.

Also, just above the exhibit tags text box, there is this:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /mnt/local/home/tjhangen/digitalworcester.org/application/libraries/globals.php on line 99

Not sure whether these are even related, or which one is preventing me from building an exhibit.

On the public site, when I click on my exhibits navigation tab, I get:

An error has occurred in Omeka. To track the contents of this error, please enable error logging.

Should I enable that? If so, how?

Hi Tona, sorry for all these errors! Try this: Log in to your admin, go to Settings > Plugins, and deactivate ExhibitBuilder. Then, reactivate it, and see if the errors go away.

More info on upgrading plugins is in the Documentation on the Upgrading Plugins page.

Hope this helps!

Nope, still broken. All those error messages still show up although I de/re-activated (and even reinstalled) Exhibit Builder.

The error message indicates that the upgrade process failed to modify the database table -- I'm in the process of doing a few tests and I'll get back to you.

My exhibit builder was apparently working, but on the web it displays only the pages but with no content. I created sections and pages and if I edit those from the back-end I see them. I noticed that in my SAVE options I don't have the "save and finish" thing that brings me out of the exhibit edit page. May it be a bug or I am doing something wrong? Thanks!

Hi cinzia,

Do you have a public link to your exhibit? And is all the content associated with the exhibit not getting displayed, or specific things?


Hi Jeremy, sorry I forgot to send the link here it is http://archaeovault.org/lhoth/exhibits/show/testexhibit
all the content doesn't display. Thanks!!

Thanks cinzia. There don't seem to be any PHP errors on that page. And it looks like its getting page titles and page text, just not items. My first hunch is that you're using items in your exhibit that aren't public. But I see you have four public items on your main website. Are you perhaps using other items in your exhibit that aren't public?

If you are using public items, it might be helpful to turn on debugging and error display in Omeka.

For debugging, edit application/config/config.ini, and change debug.exceptions to true.

For errors, edit .htaccess, and change php_value display_errors to 1.

Both of these are useful for development, but should be turned off for live sites. Once you do that, let me know and we'll see if there are any error messages that shed some light on the issue.

Hi Jeremy, all,

Don't know what I did, but then images appeared. But I have a different problem now. In the exhibit builder all the "image-list-..." type of layouts don't work. If I choose one of those and add content the page will not appear on the web... I have pretty long texts and really want to create some "movement" within the page. Any idea?
Thank you very much for your work and support I really appreciate it... I need so much help though :-(

Hi cinzia,

When I visit your items/browse page, I notice you only have one public item. Are you using items in your exhibits that aren't public? If so, they won't show up until you make them public.

Hi jeremy,

I just deleted test content that I had used. But actually my question is about the layouts of exhibitbuilder if you look at http://archaeovault.org/lhoth/exhibits/show/mirror/introduction/bachproject you see that I created few pages that work perfectly, but if I try to create a page that uses the image-list-.. type of layout this will not show up. It has nothing to do with images I guess. Thanks

Hi Jeremy & Dave,

I'm back - I had tabled this problem for a while, but I still have it and I'm still interested in solving it. I have now enabled error logging. I also uninstalled/reinstalled Exhibit Builder this morning, with no change. When I hit the Exhibits tab, I am still getting the error message

"An error has occurred in Omeka. To track the contents of this error, please enable error logging."

Hi Tona,

It doesn't seem like you have error logging enabled; Otherwise, you'd see the actual error message instead of "An error has occurred in Omeka" message.

Also, could you provide a link to the exhibit giving you trouble?


Hi Jeremy,

I'm not able to make exhibits at all.


In my config.ini file, I have:

; Log errors
log.errors = true

Is there something more I need to do to enable error logging? I thought that had done it.

Hi Tona,

Sorry about the confusion. When error logging is turned on, it writes to a file on your server. That file is located in /application/logs/errors.log. If you only see a file named "errors.log.empty", rename it errors.log. This file also has to be made writable by your server.

Give that a try and let us know.