exhibit builder: admin/exhibits url gives a 404

Hi all,

I'm running Omeka 1.4.1 with the latest Exhibit Builder plugin. Everything about it seems to work fine except that the URL it creates for links for "Exhibits" in the admin interface (in the navbar and in the breadcrumbs on exhibit builder pages) ends "admin/exhibits" and that URL results in a 404 error. If I manually add "/browse", it's fine.

Tweaking the uri calls in functions.php fixes it in the Navbar, but not the breadcrumbs, and seems kludgey -- it seems there must be something obvious I'm missing.

How do I get admin/exhibits to default to the browse action?


The URL ends "admin/routes" or "admin/exhibits"?

I'd be pretty surprised if it was the former.

It's "admin/exhibits"; I just had routes on the brain. I've fixed it in the original.

This isn't normally an issue, just "exhibits" should work fine (and this is why all the links use that form).

Have you modified the ExhibitBuilder plugin or other Omeka routes in any way?