Exhibit Builder admin panel is half-invisible

Sorry for the multiple posts re: the exhibit builder plug-in. I figured it best to keep each issue separate since the problems are all different. Here's my last one:

The admin panel for Exhibit sections cuts off right down the middle of the textbox, making it difficult to add text; the edit/delete options are also inaccessible. Here's a screenshot: http://www.tw3t.com/f/4ev

Hi Erin,

What browser and version were you working in when you had these troubles? Have you upgraded to 1.0 and has it fixed problem?


Upgraded to 1.0 and using the latest release of Exhibit Builder. Accessing in Firefox3.

The only way to get around it is to "save changes" in the Section admin (where the error is occurring) - this restores the full view until you navigate away. Upon return it goes back to being half-invisible.

Possible clue: this error seems to affect only older (pre-upgrade) Exhibits.

Possible clue: this error seems to affect only older (pre-upgrade) Exhibits.

When you say "pre-upgrade," what version are you referring to? 0.9 of Omeka, or 0.10? Version of Exhibit Builder? It will help us with the debugging process.

You may have just won the prize for reporting the most bizarre bug ever! I honestly can't think of a good reason why it would cut off half the page, certainly not a reason to do with the programming. Sounds like a styling issue, but the fact that its occurring on pre-existing exhibits, and not new ones, is really weird. In any case, we'll try to replicate the issue, and see if we can come up with a solution!



I think the exhibits in question were created in Omeka 0.10 using whatever version of Exhibit Builder that was current at that time. We are now using 1.0 (stable) and the latest version of the plug-in. We never messed with any of the admin styling (unless I accidentally added a class to my stylesheet that overlaps... although like you said, that should have an impact across the board, not just on older exhibits).

In any case, I am pleased and honored to accept the "most bizarre bug ever" award.

Cheers -- Erin

We are running the latest version and having the same cut-off problem.
please keep us posted and thanks for your hard work!

Here is what I found -
The exhibit I created on version 0.10 is acting weird in the version 1.0 environment ( having cut-off problem and displaying html tag)
The new exhibits I created after I upgraded Omeka to version 1.0 work very well.
So my question is -
Should I un-install and re-install the plug-in? I want to keep my old exhibit. Am I going to lose it if I re-install the plug-in?

Has anyone found a solution? We are experiencing the problem too on the "Section Metadata" pages, and oddly, on an exhibit developed in Omeka version 0.10 and on one developed in version 1.0. A third exhibit, developed in .10, is free of the problem. Strange: This just started last week. The two exhibits were fine before that.

We are all working in Firefox, version 3.010.

Many thanks!