Exhibit Builder 3.2 with Neatline 2.4.2 Page Viewing Problem


We're in the process of developing a couple of exhibits - one for a public history course and one for an independent research project. In each case we'd like to include a Neatline page in the exhibit. However, Neatline displays in a relatively compressed viewing window that isn't very usable. Is there a way to allow users to pop-out to fullscreen mode for neatline or adjust the viewing window?

We're quite new to this so our site is very rudimentary at this stage:


Hi, Neatline exhibits have a fullscreen mode that you can reach with the Fullscreen View link on the Browse Exhibits screen. You can embed that fullscreen link in any html page to link users directly to that view.

Please let me know if you need more information. I'm happy to help!


First, you'll want to make your Nealtine exhibit public at some point. Currently, that link gives a 404.

You can link to a fullscreen display of the exhibit. URL will look something like http://cdigs.uwindsor.ca/omeka/fullscreen/race--athletics--courage

You can read more about that feature in the release announcement.

Thanks for the prompt replies.

What I've done in the exhibit is to create a basic text page and embeded the fullscreen iframe there. This looks essentially the same adding a neatline page in the exhibit. The benefit is that it is easier to adjust the iframe size. There still isn't a way to go to fullscreen mode from there. So I must be misunderstanding something.

The Neatline exhibit is set to public and seems to work here: