Exhibit Builder 2.0

I would like to be able to select specific files for an item to insert into my exhibits (instead of just the first file). I saw another thread that indicated this would be fixed in Exhibit Builder 2.0, is there an anticipated release date for this?

This is practically certain to be one of the things we address in Exhibit Builder 2.0.

I can't pin it down to a date yet, but overhauling the Exhibit Builder is going to be one of our big focuses after the Omeka 1.5 release.

Okay thank you for the info. Separate but related question - we're trying to work around this for now in our site by creating separate items strictly for the images we are adding to our exhibits. I'd prefer if there were a way to hide these items in the Items Browse page since they aren't really separate items in our collections. I was thinking about creating a new Item Type to identify them as "Exhibit Items", is there a way that I could then modify the Item Browse page to not show that particular Item Type?

That could be accomplished by going into the theme's items/browse.php file. If that file doesn't exist in your theme, copy it from the {omeka-root}/application/views/scripts/items directory and put in the the {theme}/items/ directory.

Either way, there should be something similar to this:

<?php while (loop_items()): ?>
    <div class="item hentry">
        <div class="item-meta">

<h2><?php echo link_to_item(item('Dublin Core', 'Title'), array('class'=>'permalink')); ?></h2>

        <?php if (item_has_thumbnail()): ?>


<?php if (item_has_type('Exhibit Item') {continue;}

right after

<?php while (loop_items()): ?>

should do the trick.

Hope that helps!

To what extent will the HTML/CSS in Exhibit Builder 2.0 be changed? I'm working on a site right now and don't want to put too much energy into tweaking the default Exhibit templates if there are significant changes on the way. Thanks - E

I think it's safe to say that the changes will be significant, though we don't know the details yet.

I wouldn't expect to see Exhibit Builder 2.0 before August, though, if that helps determine whether to tweak away now on your site.


I am working on a site right now and they are asking to custom one of the exhibit layout to include, one full size image in the left part of the exhibit page, and other small thumbnail on the other part of the layout page with the option to click on any of those thumbnail to show it in the full size image spot. So every time a user click on one of those thumbnail, the full size image of this thumbnail will show up in the spot designated for full size image.

I managed to display all the image files for all items included in this page layout by add filter to exhibit_builder_display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery function in my custom.php in my theme. But the part of toggling by click on the thumbnail I am not sure the best way to achieve it. I thought to display all the file images in full size option and show the first one and hide the rest. but that solution will make the page slow if there are a lot of items and each item has couple of images.
I appreciate any help.


Would you mind creating a new thread and asking your question there?

The forums don't work very well when different questions get piled in on one thread, and this one already contains a few different ones.

I've been trying patricmj's suggestion on how to hide exhibit-only items from the main collection's browse feature, but I'm having some trouble. I'm using Emiglio and am modifying the "browse.php" file in "items." I called the category "Exhibit image" so I'm adding:

<?php if (item_has_type('Exhibit image') {continue;}

Right after:

<?php while (loop_items()): ?>

And right before:

<div class="item hentry">
<div class="item-meta">

Any idea what I'm missing?


Adding the code below will exclude the category "Exhibit image" from display on the Browse pages:

<?php if (item_has_type('Exhibit image')) {continue;}; ?>

The solution is partial, however, in that the empty page spaces remain after the items are hidden. In effect, the pages that previously displayed the items in the category "Exhibit image" will now appear as blank pages to public viewers.

We have not found a solution to the second issue.

Just to be clear, item_has_type only checks against the Item Type of an Item.

If you're instead trying to test for a given collection, you'd want to use item_belongs_to_collection.

I was missing a semicolon--it's working properly now; thank you! I'm not seeing blank pages; if I go through the collection using next/previous I see the "hidden" images though.