Exclude current item from get_records

So underneath an item in items/show.php I like to list some items from the same collection.
I did set up a small loop like this:

$collection = get_collection_for_item($item);
$items = get_records('item', array('collection' => $collection));
set_loop_records('items', $items);

This works fine, But it includes the current item in this loop.

Does anybody know a way to exclude the current item?

Something like this for the actual loop should do the trick after what you have

<?php foreach(loop('items') as $collectionItem): ?>
<?php if ($item->id != $collectionItem->id):  ?>
<p><?php echo metadata('items', array('Dublin Core', 'Title')); ?><p>
<?php endif; ?>

Season the actual echoing display to taste.

Hey Patrick, thanks. exactly what I needed.