Example Zotero Collections in Omeka

A few of us here at Indiana University are exploring options for fostering image-based bibliographic collections. Most of these to date are driven by scholars so they serve very specific research questions, but our Rare Books library could very well benefit from such a platform for documents with broader appeal. Poking around the forums and the interwebs, I noticed a lot of interest in the Zotero plugin, but I am curious to see some examples of Zotero-based collections using Omeka as an end-user delivery system. Please share! Thanks!


We used Zotero to collect and save webpages and files shared by different Occupy groups and then uploaded those to the Occupy Archive: http://occupyarchive.org. If you look in the Occupied Places section (http://www.occupyarchive.org/collections), you will see what we uploaded.

I know of some graduate students using the plugin to then upload sources to Omeka, but I don't know if any of those sites are public.

Thanks Sheila. Looking at the occupyarchive.org page, I see that your individual item pages have a single set of elements. The Zotero Plugin (for 1.5) creates a whole new set of Zotero elements alongside the Dublin Core--a few of which (like "Title") get automatically mapped onto the Dublin elements. How did you combine and re-order the elements as they appear on public item pages on occupyarchive.org? Thanks.

Yes, it does, but we didn't combine or re-order elements. We only show metadata fields that are filled in and we also got rid of the element-set headings so that you don't see the distinction between Dublin Core and Zotero.