Exact search results with /browse?search=...


I am having trouble getting the right search functionality for /browse?search=...

I am using /browse?search=... to find and display search results, however this only works for records that exactly contain the search query. For example, /browse?search=sloth+skeleton will only match records containing "sloth skeleton" and not those containing the words in a different order, e.g. "skeleton of a sloth".

I've noticed that in contrast, /search?query=sloth+skeleton has the functionality I would like, returning all records containing "sloth" and/or "skeleton".

Is there a way to make /browse?search match this functionality?

Thank you!

Have you tries using different query types?

You can append them by using &query_type=

There are three different ones:

  • exact_match
  • boolean
  • keyword

query_type only works for search?query=, not for browse?search=

Is there any other way to force browse?search= to do a boolean search rather than exact match?