Error:Mysqli statement execute error : Got error 28 from storage engine

I have no idea what's going on, but we are getting this error:

Error:Mysqli statement execute error : Got error 28 from storage engine

I have not changed any settings. Our server went down for a while yesterday and then this happened about 8 hours after the server came back up.

If someone has an explanation or fix, I would really appreciate it. I am in the middle of a large workshop where attendees are using the site and need full access. ...yikes

Thanks -- Erin

A little more information. We are running on a LAMP JumpBox. The site is here:

I checked the database in PHPmyAdmin and am getting the same errors (on the items table).

We have three other Omeka installation on our server that are all effectively broken now, so my guess is that our IT people reset the server and changed some settings.

Error code 28 means "no space left on device". MySQL can throw this error when there is no space remaining for it to store the database, temporary files, or its log.

Frequently, when MySQL gives error 28, this means there is not enough disk space remaining in the server's temporary directory (/tmp). On many servers, even though there is more than enough space remaining on the disk, /tmp is limited to a certain size.

You can ask your server administrators to free up some space in /tmp by deleting some files, or increasing the space allocated to /tmp. Either fix should clear the error.

Thanks a lot. I passed this along to our IT guys.

Should I expect any long-term impact on my database? It seems broken now, but maybe freeing up space will restore it? I would hate to have to restore to an outdated backup.

Thanks again.

Generally, when the space or quota problem is relieved, the error 28 will go away and you should be able to access your data again.

It would be prudent to avoid writing to the database, if possible, while this problem persists, though.

I ran into this problem too while attempting a CSV import. I managed to delete the files in the tmp folder to get everything working again, but I'm going to have to rerun the import, which will recreate the problem. Do you have a recommendation on how to allocate more space to the tmp folder?