Error when uploading mp3 and mpeg4 files in Omeka 1.4.2

Hi I just setup Omeka (first 1.4.1 and then 1.4.2) and am having trouble uploading audio and video files for items.

I could create collections and items with images without any problems.

When uploading mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) files, I get the following error:

File Upload: File 'file_0_' exceeds the defined ini size

The reports that I have seen about this error refer to Omeka 0.9 or 0.10 and it seems that this issue was fixed.

I could not find any file size limitations and I have disabled the file upload validation but no change in behavior.

Any ideas? Here are the details of my system:

Omeka 1.4.2
Gentoo Linux 2.6.30
MySQL 5.1.56
Omeka db is set to utf-8
Apache 2 web server
All omeka folders are writable for the apache user.


That sounds like it might be the max_file_size setting in php.ini. I'm not sure where Gentoo keeps that file, though. Probably someplace like /etc/php5/apache2. Copies of it in your web directories can override what's in that master file, too.

Thanks! That was it. I didn't think to check the php limits... just the Omeka ones :).

Works beautifully now.