Error: "Undefined"

OK, so when I create a Page in a Section of an Exhibit, no matter which layout I choose, when when I click on Edit to begin to add items to the Page, a strange error pops up, and all, (I mean ALL), it says is "Undefined". This happens no matter what browser or operating system I use, Linux, Windows, Mac, IE-9, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Etc. Here is an image of the error:

And it looks the same no matter what browser is used - VERY uninformative :-) Anyone know what this might be? I can't add items to the Exhibit, and I'm fairly certain it's because of this error.

Thanks very much!

Are you giving each page a title? Omeka won't let you add items to a page without a title.

What version of Omeka and Exhibit Builder are you using?

Hi Sheila, yes, each page has a title, otherwise they don't get created. Versions: Omeka 1.5.2 and Exhibit Builder 1.2.1.

Further info: I just completed an experiment - I re-installed v. 1.5.2 in another directory and created a new collection and exhibit and I encountered the same problem at the same point. Next I installed and configured v. 1.5 and the error was not thrown. Something about 1.5.2 doesn't like our set up, which is PHP 5.3.8 and MySQL 5.0.95. Looks like we're going with v. 1.5 for now.

Is the problem happening when you click an "Edit" link to go edit the page, or is it happening when you click one of the buttons to attach an item to an exhibit page?

If it's the second, it is likely a problem with v.1.5.2 only, and we have a fix at the ready.

Hi John, the actual error "message" is produced when loading the page with the buttons that attach an item to an exhibit page. I assumed, possibly wrongly, that the error was a symptom of the fact that nothing happens when the buttons are clicked to attach an item to an exhibit page. Where is said fix available?

I believe your problem is related to an error in the advanced search page for items that was released with Omeka 1.5.2. That exhibit builder page loads the advanced search page, so the error is likely causing the exhibit workflow to fail.

The problem and manual fix are described in this thread, but the problem should be fixed officially in the very near future in an Omeka 1.5.3 release.

Thanks very much for the info, Sheila and John. I appreciate both of your fast responses.

And the fix in Omeka 1.5.3 is released! Thanks to John!