Error message.....Warning: strrpos() [function.strrpos

I am getting the following error....Warning: strrpos() [function.strrpos]: Offset is greater than the length of haystack string in /home/bundymus/public_html/works/application/helpers/Functions.php on line 553

I cannot access the php.ini file to fix there a way to do it through the .htaccess file?

I AM HAVING THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM. After uploading something like 45 items without problem, I've had this Error appear on two of the last three. WE NEED HELP. If someone out there has a specific "how to" fix, please tell us. Thanks.

This problem manifests if there is ANYTHING in the "Description" box of the Dublin Core database. Help? It's not easy to catalog items without using the "Description" item.

Quick fix is to turn off error reporting. Open your .htaccess file and look for the display_errors directive, and make sure it is set to 0 instead of 1 (or off instead of on). If that doesn't work, you can also turn off error reporting within the PHP code itself. To do that, look for the following line in your paths.php file:

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

Change it to this: error_reporting(0);

Note that error reporting is disabled by default in new 1.0 installations, so if you're running an older version and want to receive bug fixes in the future, you'll have to upgrade.

This error you are receiving is a problem with the snippet() helper function that we are planning to fix in the next maintenance release of Omeka. It's not a catastrophic error though, just a warning, so not displaying the error message should be fine in your case. Hope that helps.

shukran ya kris. The .htaccess file was already set to hide error displays, but the paths.php file was set to display them. Changing the paths.php file as you directed did the trick. Thanks.

I have not made major changes to the architecture of my site, as you might guess from viewing it ( So far, it's straight-from-the-box 0.9Beta except that I have changed the thumbnail dimensioning to show actual proportions rather than be square. What I don't find on the Omeka site SO FAR (you can't do everything) are instructions on how to upgrade a 0.9Beta installation like mine into a 1.0 Omeka one. Surely I don't want to lose data, etc. Are there instructions somewhere? Thanks again for your quick response, too. I am grateful.