Error Messages

I'm a student in a Library Science grad program at the beginning stages of building out my first server-backed Omeka site for a large collection. I've been playing around with the basic functionality for the past few days, and I've gotten some disconcerting fake error messages in a couple of different places and I'm wondering if the user community might help me figure out what's going on.

Last night when I tried to add a few test Simple Pages, I got an unhelpful and vague message saying that Omeka had encountered an error, but when I looked at the public site, the pages had actually been added.

Just now, I tried a test CSV import for some basic metadata, received a similar nondescript error message on the status screen of the CSV Import plugin, but when I looked at the public site, my metadata had been imported.

What gives? Any ideas?

To get more details, you'll want to follow the instructions for retrieving error messages.

That will show more info that you can post back here to help us figure out what, exactly, is happening.

Well...I tried uncommenting on that line of text in the .htaccess file (as suggested in that link), and now I'm getting a message that I'm forbidden to access the server.....

Connected? I would assume so...

That's definitely odd. Could you post up exactly what you now have in your .htaccess file?

It turns out it was a permissions issue. When I saved the file after uncommenting the text, Apache somehow lost rights to read it.

Thanks for your help, Patrick.