Error making directory

I have added multiple items to our Omeka site, but now I receive this error when I try to add material: Omeka_Storage_Exception
Error making directory: "/var/www/omeka/files/original/83/887.

I recently deactivated our Fedora Connector, so did that mess something up?

I don't know all the inner workings of Fedora Connector, but this seems to be doing something unusual for Omeka's usual workings. Generally, there are no subdirectories to files/original, so I'm not sure why it is trying to make those 83 and 887 subdirectories.

With Fedora Connector disabled, though, it shouldn't be trying to do anything.

Do you get the same error about the same directory for other files?

I am not sure what happened. I can add new items in general now, but I do occasionally get the error when I try to add a second image to the same item. The subdirectories part does change- I got "Error directory non writable: "/var/www/omeka/files/original/105/537."

I also think someone reactivated the Fedora connector.