Error Logs and Image updates

Ok, I have followed the directions for error logging, but nothing is appearing in my error log. That's not good.
My problem is a relatively common one. When I try and upload and image, I get the standard "Omeka has encountered an error."
When I test imagemagik path, "works."
After the problem happens, and I go back to check my items list I see an [untitled], which looks like something tried to work.
There is no item in my database, so my conclusion is that something is wrong with imagemagik and that aborted the upload, but I don't understand why no error log gets written.

Are you checking the Omeka error log, the one in application/logs/errors.log?

Oh, yes I am.

The "Display Error Messages" section of the retrieving error messages documentation page tells you how to get that error page to actually show the message on it.

If you're not getting the error logged, I'd follow those instructions, so you can just directly see the error.

Out of curiosity, what Omeka version are you using?

I am using Omeka 1.5, and I have followed the directions. (I have done this before on another Omeka install.) I now believe that this is somehow a problem related to my server and my domain structure. For example,, my omeka install works. But at, my omeka install (and error logging) does not work. I guess that I;ll have to hash this out with my tech support.

I'm using version 1.5.3. I followed the instructions for "Retrieving Error Messages" for Version 1.5 listed here: but my page ( still isn't showing any errors. I tried looking at the Omeka error log at application/logs/errors.log but there are hundreds of lines of text/coding and I don't know what any of it means. There are about 15 lines (errors?) for today alone. Does anyone know what it could be?


We'd need more info before trying to diagnose. Generally, not seeing any errors is a good thing :)

Is there a particular page that you saw the error on, or a particular task that brought up the original message to turn on error reporting?

The error logs will contain a lot of info about each error that comes up, so 15 lines in a day is not surprising. It likely contains a couple lines for the error itself, and then several lines called the 'trace'. Each line starts with a number, and gives the sequence of files and code that ran up to the moment when the error occurred.