Error editing records and setting default zoom in Neatline

I am able to add new records without problem, but cannot edit them (e.g. style, shape, text) once they are saved.

I have opened the inspect element function in firefox, server response to the "put" is "You don't have permission to access /Omeka/neatline/records/3 on this server." This is Neatline 2.4.0. It is installed under a ~username directory in Apache.

Also receiving an error message when attempting to set the default zoom level (with detect location on or off); for both the main view, and individual views.

This is for a class project, and would appreciate some speedy help! Thanks!

The problem is that "PUT", the command Neatline uses to update the record, is normally blocked in default installations of Apache for user directories.

To fix it, your sysadmin has to update the permissions (/etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.conf in Debian/Ubuntu) and allow PUT.