Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

I just installed Omeka and it displays OK; but, when I try to go into admin, I get an error: Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

Did anyone figure this one out? We haven't changed any .htaccess settings and we started getting this same error.


Did you make any changes at all, like moving Omeka or changing servers or settings, or did it just appear to happen out of nowhere?

It seemed to happen out of nowhere. We have several people working on the site backend but no one has changed anything outside our custom theme.

Have you checked your logs (both server logs and Omeka's logs)?

The most common cause of this kind of thing is .htaccess issues. Just to double-check, you do have .htaccess files in both the root directory of the site and the "admin" directory?

I'm having this problem after upgrading from 1.3.2 -> 1.4.
I was able to access the /admin exactly once. I got the message to upgrade and I hit the button and then I got the message that the upgrade had completed. Now I can no longer access /admin

1.4 is a little different than 1.3.

If you've upgraded correctly, you should have a new .htaccess file in the site root, and you should not have one in the admin directory.

One other piece of information that might be important is the value of the "omeka_version" option in your "omeka_options" table.

That value should be "1.4", and if it's not, that could cause this loop.

Thank You John F.
I had no "omeka_version" row in my options table.

insert into options (id,name,value) values (1,'omeka_version','1.4');
fixed the problem for me.

I'm having this same problem with Omeka 1.5. I got through the installation just fine but then can't get to the admin panel (I get the redirect loop error). I checked the .htaccess file (it's only in the root folder)... I'm thinking it's something with that file, but I don't know what. Does anybody have any suggestions?

We encountered the same. Access to the Omeka admin panel was restored after replacing the .htaccess file in v1.5 with the file in v1.4.2.

We haven't ID'd the source of error.

There should be no difference between the .htaccess from Omeka 1.5 and the one from Omeka 1.4.x.

If you had modified your previous .htaccess file (maybe to change the RewriteBase?), then replacing it with the one from the Omeka 1.5 download could have caused problems.

I don't know what the problem was, but I FTP'd everything again and now it's working. I'd never modified the .htaccess file, so maybe something else had failed to copy in the initially. Regardless- thanks for the suggestions!

I installed Omeka from scratch (I've never installed it before) and at first I got the .htaccess missing error message. I uploaded the .htaccess file, and now all I get when I try to load the site is 'This webpage has a redirect loop...Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.'

I created the db, uploaded the directory, set the info in db.ini, set the permissions of archive to 775, etc. so I'm not sure what is wrong. Any suggestions?

My first guess is that something is amiss in the .htaccess file, or that it isn't in the right place. It should just be there in the top directory of Omeka.

It's in the right place. Was there anything I needed to edit in it before uploading it? I didn't really look at it.

Are you hosted on a shared server? I've sometimes had htaccess problems with those.

It's a VPS.

Can you see what URL your browser is trying to redirect to? Often you can see the URLs in the location bar or in something like WebKit's Inspector or Firefox's Firebug.

Do you get the same behavior on the public and admin urls to your site?