Hi Omeka Community,

Is it possible to create or store ePubs in Omeka? I attended a LITA session about creation of Ebooks and using Drupal as a platform, but our institution is focusing its efforts on Omeka exploration and development. Let me know--thanks!

Rachel Wexelbaum
St. Cloud State University

Looks like the general ePub question appeared twice. This question is longer, so I'll go here. :)

Creating ePub in Omeka is not in the offing. It's theoretically possible, but would call for quite significant plugin work (and sounds like a good grant possibility).

Storing ePubs, though, is easy, depending on what exactly you need. Omeka can ingest files of whatever type, depending a little on the security settings you have on the admin side. The next question is what kinds of derivative images (i.e., thumbnails) Omeka can produce. I don't know off the top of my head what our default thumbnailer, imagemagick, can do with ePubs, but if nothing else Omeka will happily store the ePub files.