End User Training


I'm wondering if anyone has developed any training modules that can be rolled out across a University. We have a number of interested groups that are looking to use Omeka to share their collections online.

Rather than starting from scratch I thought that I'd touch base here.

Looking to use a case study style method, at beginner, advanced and administration level training.

I have seen Amanda French's introduction to Omeka - https://researchdata.ands.org.au/motion-picture-producers-incorporated-database/185557/?refer_q=group=Flinders%20University/subject_value_resolved=CULTURAL%20STUDIES/rows=15/sort=list_title_sort%20asc/class=collection/q=/.



You might also peek at Miriam Posner's guide on Programming Historian.

Thanks Patrick.

We might note here that the Programming Historian modules are designed for a previous version of Omeka.net and don't reflect the UI and workflows for Omeka 2.x.

It would be great if we could get someone to work on an an update.

You might take a look at the workshop tips sheet from the documentation: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B20qFi2lJujUN0lpZ3laWkN6Mjg/ and the Omeka Zotero Group: https://www.zotero.org/groups/omeka

I have done a few intros to Omeka already and a few other documents like a metadata schema that maps to MARC (and is also compatible with RDA, for the most part). I am putting together a lot of documentation for the administrative side and public (non submitters). I am not writing documentation for upgrades or theming yet, but I will likely do that after the first of the year.

You can see what I'm doing here at the link below as well as what I have planned. I have drafts of my cataloging procedures but they are still in process, although I am willing to share the skeletons if anyone is interested. :-)

I have several years of writing technical documentation at all levels. Depending upon where I am in March, I will be glad to help write documentation.

Here is the start of our documentation -

BTW, we are still in test so nothing to see yet in terms of Omeka.

Ooops - I just realised that I posted the entirely wrong URL above in my initial post. Head desk moment! Never mind...

Thanks for sharing your resources, this is great. Perhaps we could get some of these links added into a training section of the website (possibly underneath help)?

We've got a few people here in Australia working with Omeka who are collaborating on training and sharing what we're doing and we'd love to make it available as well.

What are your thoughts on the best way to do this? Currently we're using Google Drive.

A while ago, there was a movement to use GitHub to do this kind of work. Seems to have fizzled out, but I still think it's a good solution for sharing and showing variations via forks.

We are using google drive as well but then embedded those documents into our Wordpress site. I (and my dept) do have github sites, but I think github can be a little intimidating for folks just getting started with it. The downside to google docs is that you can't write a good description of the document that is visible to end users.