Enabling COinS, creates OpenURL in item browser list

I'm using Omeka 1.5.3, with COinS 0.4 enabled, plus a theme of my own creation. I am viewing the page using Firefox with Zotero 3.0.12 installed. I am seeing an OpenURL link for each item when browsing the item list. It is appearing as a "Find It!" graphical icon of my library, pointing to our library's SFX resolver.
Our SFX resolver knows nothing about the contents of our Omeka server, and thus we get dropped off to the ILLiad request page with all of the fields empty.

Clearly there is some effort here to get Zotero to interact with Omeka, but I am not seeing what else might need to be in place, to get the document to referrer correctly.

The unique dc:identifier within Omeka seems to be replaced with the /items page and not each individual item page in the rft:indentifier field.
How do Omeka sites extract their metadata for uploading into SFX or other resolvers? Is anyone actually doing this?
(If not, then why place the <span> there in the first place.

For reference, here is the one-line of code in my custom theme.
No doubt it is being activated by the following line, in the file themes/bootstrap/items/browse.php:
<?php echo plugin_append_to_items_browse_each(); ?>

Below is the html source code, where shows the <span> and it's contents.

<div class="item-meta">
<h3>Letter from Pat All to JDW</h3>
<div class="tags"><p>Tags:
~ ~ ~ </p>

<span class="Z3988" title="ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Adc&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2Fomeka.org%3Agenerator&rft.creator=All%2C+Pat&rft.subject=National+Institutes+of+Health+%28U.S.%29&rft.publisher=Cold+Spring+Harbor+Laboratory+Archives&rft.contributor=WJD%2C+1928-&rft.date=1970-08-18&rft.relation=Collection+JDW%3A+JDW+Collection+%281895-2011%29&rft.title=Letter+from+Pat+All+to+JDW&rft.type=document&rft.identifier=http%3A%2F%2Flibgallery.cshl.edu%2Fitems"></span>
</div><!-- end class="item-meta" -->

The Identifier behavior would indeed seem to be a bug, but I won't rule out the possibility that it's intended to account for some quirk of Zotero's behavior.

The URL to the item should be being included, not the browse, and it should be in the rft_id, not rft.identifier, where it overrides any Identifier set by Omeka.

As for what's going on with the Coins and your link resolver, I'm less help there. The Coins spans really are chiefly meant for interoperating with Zotero and other tools that will read Coins spans on a page. We simply use the Dublin Core metadata format defined by the OpenURL standard.