enable to access public pages

I have no problem to access private pages from : http://localhost/admin
but when I access the private area all links to pages with url like : http://localhost/items/... doesn't work and the message is : Internal Server Error ...
idem for url like : http://localhost/collections/...

Thanks to help me to understand where the problem is.
best regards
philippe Grison

The error log in Apache is :
"Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error"

What is wrong ? thank you for your help

NB - it's my first installation of Omeka with Unbuntu working on PC via VmWare

Sounds like a .htaccess problem.

You should have files named .htaccess both in the root of your site and in the admin directory.

Thanks for your post. It help me to find
the .htaccess problem. A wrong line I had added previously by error. I copy back your original .htaccess and it's work.

Just one question I ask myself, why did you develop Omeka and you didn't use solution like Gallery for example?.

best regard
P. Grison