Empty Fields

Am fairly certain of the answer, but wanted to verify...

Have been learning Omeka using the default Dublin Core Element Set. When viewing the public side, is it correct to say that empty fields are not displayed? Fields with Data ARE displayed?


tx all

On the admin side of Omeka, there is a site setting called "Show Empty Elements".

If you have this box checked, empty fields and fields with data are both displayed on the public side.

If it is not checked, which is the default, empty fields are not displayed on the public side.

I understand now. Thankx for connecting those dots...

Some themes appear to ignore that setting which makes sense based on the age of the theme.

Overall, Omeka and its contributing community has created a spot on model. Well done, and the present is any indication of the future, this is gonna be most excellent.

My next task is to learn how to tweak themes. Not my strength. Just deciphering the css is a bit of a stretch for me, but will try and be useful somehow.