Emma Goldman's lectures: Relating events and documents

I'm trying out Omeka for a collection of materials related to Emma Goldman's lecture tours. Ideally I would like to store information about each lecture as an "Event" item and link each one to related "Document" items (flyers, newspaper articles, etc). I'm imagining I could use the "relation" field on each Document to point to the related Event.

Does this make sense? Is this how the Event type and relation field are intended to be used? Would love to hear any feedback about this approach.

Hi Rybesh,
Yes, I think that you can use the Event type for saving date and location information about Goldman's lectures. This type also helps you and your users to search by the different types of events where Goldman spoke, for instance union meetings versus a library lecture (not sure that the libraries would have welcomed her, but you never know).

And yes, relation helps you to connect related objects. You may also upload a file with the text of her lecture to the event. It really is up to you how you want to interpret these core fields.

Good luck with your project.

OK, thanks. I'll be sure to post a URL when the site is launched.