Emiglio -- Recently Added Items


Working with Emiglio, I added a hyperlink to an item title. It works perfectly fine on the admin page.


However, the public page ignores the hyperlink.


Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thank you.


The browse pages show snippets of descriptions, and rather than face the possibility of cutting an HTML tag in half when making the snippet, Omeka instead just strips the HTML before making the snippet.

The link should still be there working fine on the actual show page for the item if you click through from the browse, though.

Thank you for your reply, John.

The problem is that we opted to have the BookReader viewer page open instead of the item page. If you go to http://omeka.sfc.edu/omeka and under Recently Added Items click on Scrapbooks-1974. Document Browser. You'll see what I mean.

Is there a work around?


The file application/views/scripts/items/single.php controls what gets shown in areas like the Recently Added Items section. If you copy that file to items/single.php in your theme you can edit it and change that output for your theme.

The stock single.php has a line that retrieves the Description and specifies to snippet to 150 characters. If you remove that snippet part, any HTML in the description should get passed through untouched.

Hi John,

Thanks so much. It worked beautifully.
Really appreciate your help.