Embedding .swf files in Omeka.net


I would like to embed a Flickr slideshow of photographs into my Omeka.net simple page (using the TinyMCE HTML editor).

The problem is, a Flickr slideshow is a Flash file (.swf) which can only be embedded as an <object>. I know from this Help page that <object>s are not accepted by the TinyMCE HTML editor.

My questions are:

1. For now, does anyone have any idea how to get around this and embed a .swf file into the HTML editor?

2. Any idea if or when the TinyMCE editor will accept <object>s?

2. Does anyone know any easy and embed-able alternatives to a Flickr slideshow to display photos and captions?


There isn't a way to get around embedding objects in Omeka.net pages right now, all object tags get stripped out.

You can link to the slideshow but you can't embed it.

We don't have a timetable for adding objects but it is something we would like to do in the future.

The reason for restricting code in the HTML editor is because of potential security risks from malicious code getting embedded in an Omeka.net site that might take down the entire system. So we are very careful.

You can use Omeka to display photos and caption with the Exhibit Builder. It's not a slideshow but you can have gallery views.

Good luck with your project.