Embedding an HTML Video?

I am sure this is simple, but how do I embed HTML in an Omeka exhibit? In particular I want to embed streaming video via Archive.org and YouTube.

I was able to embed a Quicktime movie on my index.php page by inserting the following code and putting the movie file in my theme/images folder:
<embed width= "500" height="500" src=<?php echo img('YourMovieTitle.mov'); ?>
I'm not sure how you'd add a video if you're using SimplePages, though.

Hi Larry,

A couple of things can work here, that I know of:

1. If you have a movie files, add it as an item to the archive. Then you can use one of the exhibit page layouts that calls for an image and some text. Find and drag the movie item into that square thumbnail space in the page layout and save the page. The movie will appear in that page in the exhibit.

2. Unfortunately, the embedding of a You Tube video doesn't work in the exhibit layout pages. I'll let my colleagues respond who might know of a hack to make it work.

3. Alternatively, you can create a Simple Page and paste the embed code into the page, save it, and the embedded video will appear and be ready to play. This is the same result for a Yahoo Pipe or other web-based applications that generate embed code.