Embedding a simple page into an exhibit

I'm not sure this is what I want to do, but I am wondering if I can embed a simple page into an exhibit? Just trying to think through choices of how I might want to build a more dynamic front page.

Not currently, but it'd be a nice feature that could be fairly easily built via one of a couple different approaches.

One approach would be a plugin that adds a layout for Exhibit Builder that somehow lets you insert the content of a simple page.

A fancier approach would be to build a layout that knows how to deal with shortcodes, then build another plugin that adds a shortcode to display simple page content. That'd be a little convoluted, but would open up lots of options for the front page (which I'm assuming is an exhibit page in your approach?)

Yes, that is what I was thinking - to use the exhibit page as a front page. I really like the pages I've built as they pull together multiple collections in a nice interface. Just trying to explore how I can put a little more wow into the home page. :-)

If you're in exploration mode, the fancy option of an Exhibit Builder layout for shortcodes sounds like a worth-while investment of the time, as it would provide lots of flexibility for trying different things. It'd also, I'm sure, be much appreciated by others!

Hi Patrick, I am interested in this exact functionality - shortcodes in exhibit pages. Even more so I'd like to use shortcodes on an exhibit's summary page - is looking into the Exhibit Builder layout the way to go if I'm interested in customizing the summary page? Should I look somewhere else (like at your-theme/exhibit-builder/exhibits/summary.php)?

For putting it in the summary page, you'd want to go with the your-theme/exhibit-builder/summary.php approach, since that page isn't part of the layout system. You'd just need to pass the text through the shortcodes helper as described here under 'Supporting shortcodes in user input'.

It'd just be something like this in your summary.php file, instead of line 9 (or thereabouts):

<?php echo $this->shortcodes($exhibitDescription); ?>

For the other pages, a plugin that adds those layouts would be in order.

Excellent, I'll give this a shot. Thank you!