embed inline query result in a page

Is this possible?

An example of what I mean would be at Semantic Media Wiki:
In the example, they show a table generated on the fly. I would like to be able to have a query that returns a single result and show that result in line as a "word" in a sentence, or perhaps a linked word. It would be great to be able to generate in line media this way, something like
{{#ask [singer: Billie Holiday] | name]}, born in {{#ask [singer: Billie Holiday] | birthyear]}, is {{#ask [singer: Billie Holiday] | isfamous]} for singing the {{#ask [singer: Billie Holiday] | genre]}.

which pseudocode should yield (if I actually learned the query language and we had these fields):

Billie Holiday, born in 1915, is famous for singing the blues.


with some kind of pop over/linking mechanism to the whole record on each returned value.
Is possible in Omeka?

Omeka wouldn't be able to use that kind of templating -- that's a feature special to semantic mediawiki.