Element-text display issue

I have a strange issue - I have just added an additional DC field to my item show page. Because we have changed some of the display names for DC fields, and because we have data in some fields that we don't want to display, we call each element individually. I used the same code to call the new element, but somehow it is displaying differently than all the others. The element-text is larger than it should be.

To make it more confusing, this error is only occurring on some of the item show pages. For example, this page (http://icfa.doaks.org/collections/artamonoff/items/show/1658) shows the 'Realtion' field data normally. But this page (http://icfa.doaks.org/collections/artamonoff/items/show/571) shows it enlarged. I have checked the pages in chrome, safari, firefox, and ie, and all are showing the same error.

Not sure what could be going on. Any ideas?

If it helps, the code I am using to call the elements is:

<?php $var_Relation = item('Dublin Core', 'Relation');
if (empty($var_Relation)): ?>
<?php else: ?>
		<div class="element">
			<div class="element-text">
<?php echo $var_Relation; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

That code seems right. The odd thing is that for some of the data an extra <span> is being added around the data, and there is a style that makes it bigger:

.element span {
    font-size: 1.5em;

(screen.css line 233)

Not sure where the span is coming from -- maybe something the text editor is adding if you are using HTML?

The other approach would be to change the HTML output and CSS so that you can target the spans that need to be bigger more precisely. That is, if you really do need that CSS there at all.

Not sure why that CSS was in there, but changing it fixed the problem and doesn't seem to have messed anything else up.

Thanks, Patrick!