efficient way to combine instances from several servers?

As a consortium effort, we are trying to move several omeka instances from different servers to a new one. Each instance includes collections and exhibits. Wondering if there is an efficient way to accomplish that? have read the "Moving to Another Server" in documentation which focuses on moving one sever to another. This project involves multiple servers. Thanks!

We're working on export and import from Omeka to Omeka right now, so there may be some better solution for you in the (somewhat) near future.

As of now, your best option is to get things into one of the formats Omeka can import from (OAI-PMH and CSV are the main options), and import them all into one site.

Unfortunately, there's currently nothing on the export or import front for Exhibits, so they'd have to be recreated by hand (or transferred over, but the tricky part of doing that would be figuring out how to map "old" item ID's to "new" ones).

Good to know that. Thank you for the information!