Editing themes' css


I've been looking through other posts and documentation and it hasn't solved my issue. I'm trying to edit the berlin theme css but it will not save after edits.

I've looked at the defaults css but they are not currently used in the website. (Default = Thanks, Roy). Any suggestions?


If the file itself is not saving, that most likely signals a permissions problem on the server. I'd double-check those.

If the file is getting saved, but the changes are not appearing, that probably means that there's another CSS rule overriding your work somewhere.

The file is saving but the changes are not appearing. I'm looking for any CSS rules overriding it but can't find something significant. The css files for the themes that I change automatically are re-formatted (omeka-data and omeka-themes).

Do you have any suggestions where the rule may be or what it may look like?

The only guidance I have for hunting down the rules would be to follow what the developer tools in your browser guide you to. It's always worth checking if it's a caching issue, too.