Editing markup of Exhibit items

I'm trying to preview some item info using fancy tooltips on Exhibit pages and I'd like to take this

exhibit_builder_display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery(1, 12, array('class'=>'permalink','title'=>$foo)); (for example)

and set $foo to an array of item-specific metadata like item('Dublin Core', 'Title')

It seems that exhibit_builder_display_exhibit_thumbnail_gallery() is not setup to handle that request and I haven't been able to figure out how to modify that function or otherwise make this work.

See: http://clevelandhistory.org/omeka-dev/exhibits/show/test/tiles/top

Anyone have any advice?

Okay, I found that I can edit exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_item() to set some new default parameters. Is there a safer place to do this so it doesn't get overwritten when I update EB?

Okay, that only applies to certain layouts for some reason and causes errors in others. Back to the drawing board.

I take it back. It doesn't cause errors, but it does seem to not apply to thumbnails in the Tiles and Gallery layouts, which appear to use some other function to display items? Seems odd.

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking here.

You are right that the array of parameters you pass to that function only takes static values, and you can't tell it to say, use the Title of each item.

However, it looks like you're using custom exhibit layouts, which would mean that you don't need to worry about editing the existing gallery function.

Those are actually default layouts. I did edit the helper function above though, in order to get the fancy tooltip working/populated (at least on the layouts where that function is used).

You might be noticing the redirects. Those are in the main theme, not EB.

Which layouts in particular are you using? To my knowledge, we don't have any called just "Gallery" or "Tiles".

Anyway, you're right that changing the functions each layout uses would be necessary to affect their output, and that those changes would be clobbered by an upgrade.

I still think you're probably best off making your own layout "inspired" by the pre-existing ones. You could then define and use a custom version of the functions you want, or just output exactly what you want directly.