Editing confirmation message for Contribution 3.0

Is it possible to modify the confirmation email in Contribution 3.0? I don't see an admin option or a view template that would allow this and, naturally, I'd prefer not to modify the actual codebase.

EDIT: To clarify, I'm referring to the confirmation message that is sent to users and is constructed in controllers/ContributionController.php around line 364.

That's not built yet, but we're aware of that need. I'm curious about your thoughts on this question, though:

As it stand, the email builds in a link to the contribution, and auto-fills some the site title. Is it better to allow complete clobbering of the email and lose that programmatically-filled data, or to append that stuff to an admin-configed text for the email?

I think the record_url is the main thing one would want to preserve. Unless you want to implement some kind of [short-codes] solution (which would be great but perhaps excessive), I think it's probably best to just leave the URL at the end of the message as it is now:

__("Contribution URL (pending review by project staff): %s", record_url($item, 'show', true))

Actually, maybe even append something like:

Contribution URL: [record URL]
Manage My Account: [account URL]
Manage Contributions: [my-contributions URL]

Many thanks! I like the bare-bones listy approach, with editable boilerplate language before it.

I definitely don't think we're ready to go with a [short-codes] or Drupal-like filters solution, especially not for a single plugin that we want to get out soon. Not sure how widespread interest in that as a core feature might be.