Editing "Collection Description" with php


At the moment in the "Collection Description" in the admin interface it is only possible to add plain text. I'm wondering if it would be possible to edit it using php or html in order to add links to simple pages.

I´ll try to explain myself better. I would like that users see under each "collection title" two links: one to a long background description page for that collection and another to a kind of "table of content" or structure page of that collection. Both pages ("collection description" and "collection structure") will be two indepedent "simples pages" that will be created with html generated from an EAD.

Maybe there is somebody already working in how to display EAD in Omeka (it would be a wonderful plugin!) but what I´m proposing could be a way around.

Thanks in advance for your help,


There is a an EAD import plugin in development, and you can search on the Developers' list for some more information. http://groups.google.com/group/omeka-dev

I'm not sure of its current status, but please remember that this is not necessarily ready--without bugs, like other plugins are that you can download from the plugin directory. I think if you are willing to play around with a little, this might work for you.

Thanks for you answer Sheila. As far as I have read the EAD plugin in development is for extracting items from the EAD into a CSV file. But I´m not exactly interested in that.

For the moment, I would just like to know if it would be possible to use php or html when editing the "Collection Description" box that appears when you create a new collection in the admin interface of Omeka.



Hi Sheila,

I found I way around to do what I wanted. Creating a simple page for each collection with an URL /collections/show/1 , for the collection number one, and so on. This way it is possible to replace the default collection page for a new one where you can add PHP or HTML. This way I can put a live URL to the EAD of my collections.

Maybe other people will find this useful.