Editing Berlin Theme Navigation Bar

In my header file I believe this snippet of code :

<div id="primary-nav">
echo public_nav_main();

deals with the Navigation bar. If I want to edit the navigation bar I assume I must change this source code, but I seem to be unable to find it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Just adding a reply because I previously forgot to click the "Notify me of of follow-up posts via email" button, and that seems helpful.

What are you trying to change: the markup, or just the contents of the navigation?

Since 2.0, the navigation items are controlled from Appearance > Navigation on the admin panel.

First off, thank you very much.

Secondly, is the markup simply in the themes style.css page?

Well, the markup itself, the <ul> and <li> elements, comes from a Zend Framework component. It's possible to change that, but more tricky.

As far as just styling it, yes, that's done in the theme's CSS.

I'm just starting with Omeka, about a week into a summer's worth of work designing a site for a professor of mine. A quick google search is telling me the Zend Framework isn't Omeka specific. Is the code accessible through the standard Omeka files?

Right. Zend Framework is the framework that Omeka is built on, providing most of the fundamental functionality for Omeka to use. So, it is always there behind most of what Omeka does, but is hopefully not something that you would need to dig around in for this.

Thus, I'm still wondering about John's question -- do you really need to change the <ul> and <li> elements themselves, or do you just need to adjust how they are displayed. Unless you are making really radical changes, chances are the theme's CSS will do the trick.

Could you tell more about what you are trying to achieve?