Edit language files


i have version 1.5 and i am trying to add a custom translation for a string into languages files.
So i edit into languages folder the "el_GR.po" file where i add this:
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:8
msgid "Add a Hyperlink"
msgstr "my translation..."

which is a link that i have added and i want to translate it, but nothing happens.
Also i add into Omeka.pot and into Omeka.base.pot this:
#: admin/themes/default/items/browse.php:8
msgid "Add a Hyperlink"
msgstr ""
i am not sure why..

i know that i miss something, maybe a higher change. Is there an easy solution?


When you make changes to those .po files, you need to run them through the Gettext project's msgfmt utility to turn them into binary .mo files.

It's the .mo files that Omeka actually reads.

Of course, you also need to be translating the string wherever it's used in the interface with the __() method.

Thank you for your help.
Here is a link where it describes two ways for doing the gettext converting: http://www.josscrowcroft.com/2011/code/php-mo-convert-gettext-po-file-to-binary-mo-file-php/

I recommend https://poeditor.com/ for best gettext translations. It's a very friendly online tool that makes po files translations much easier.

Thank you for your recommendation but it seems that there is a limit of 1000 strings and then you have to pay in order to upgrade your account.