Edit html for image display


I order to have a direct fullsize display of an image when I display an item, I used the php tag:

<?php echo item_fullsize($props = array(),$index = 0, $item = null); ?>

like indicated on the help page. and it displays just fine. However, I want to edit the html to that, as in, the actual <img src ... > tag. However, I can't find where the php echo output for it is defined anywhere. there are so many files! Which one do I have to edit to get to the actual Html output echo?

Help greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

What about the output do you want to change?

For HTML attributes, you should be able to pass them in the $props array.

I want to add a couple of attributes to the <img> tag, such as an id and a javascript on mouseover.

How exactly would I go about editing the $props array? sorry, total beginner here!

It'd be something like:

<?php echo item_fullsize(array('id' => 'your-id', 'onmouseover' => '...')); ?>