EB3 -- what happened to item pages in the theme?

This is an example item page from our one omeka site: http://scholar.library.edu/digital/exhibits/freedom/item/277 using the last EB version.

We want to upgrade to take advantage of the new layout options (really nice). All the template pages on the theme site would be easy to fix (we are using Erin Bell's Deco) but the 'item.php' is not longer working. Looking at the new package it seems this view is missing.

Is there an equivalent? What to do?

Thanks, Lyn



sorry. lmc

To clarify ... item.php seems to be missing from EB3 ... it probably is not relevant that I am using a particular theme.


Exhibit Builder 3 doesn't have a separate version of the items show page like the older versions did, it just uses the normal items page.

Exhibit Builder does assign an $exhibit variable to the view when you link to an item from an exhibit. You can check for that in your normal items/show.php view if you want to change the layout or add information about the exhibit to that page.

You are saying that if we use the $exhibit variable we will be able to construct the kind of page we now are able to have. Our sites are stand alone.


I'm not sure of exactly the changes you're looking to make, but yes, you would be able to check for the presence of the $exhibit variable and use that to decide whether to add elements like a link back to the exhibit.

Where is the 'item' view for the site being generated from?

We can work with customizing the item view page for the entire site. Then call items in from image links based on the exhibit (for example linking from a gallery page to the full item view).

If you go to the current site: http://scholar.library.miami.edu/digital/exhibits/show/freedom and click on an image you will see what our item view looks like.

To remove the ability to customized the item view within the exhibit theme may have seemed minor to the developer, but the inability to easily change the item view in this way is huge for us.