easy-color theme: editing CSS for SimplePages plugin

Hi, all.

This is just a trivial cosmetic issue, but one I'd like to sort out. The SimplePages hierarchical menu displays fine in other themes, but oddly in easy-color: the top-level parent page link text is in a far small font size than that of its child nodes. To see what I mean, look at the menu, left, at:


Can anyone tell me what CSS element I need edit in order to change the font size of the menu items?



That looks like it's a problem with your CSS that deals with the font size for lists. It sizes them as "1.5em", meaning whenever lists are inside other lists, each deeper inner level has a larger font size.

Thanks, John--yes, I see what you mean.

I don't see how to fix that (the nested lists look fine in other themes, so looking at the CSS for those).