Dynamic Collection Title Switching

Hi all -

Many thanks for reading and any suggestions or feedback you have to offer!

I'm working (or maybe struggling) to set up a plugin to switch between collection titles dynamically. I've written a bit of code, but can't seem to take it to the next level; i.e. functionality :). If anyone has any suggestions on how to best proceed with the various hooks, filters, and functions I would be most grateful!

add_plugin_hook(link_to_home_page', 'collection_filter_link_to_home_page');

function collection_filter_link_to_home_page()
	$collection = get_collection_by_id($_GET['id']))
	switch ($collection) {
		case 1:
			$collection_title = 'Early Images of Egypt';
		case 2:
			$collection_title = 'Copeland Railroadiana Collection';
			$collection_title = 'BDS Omeka Instance';
	} return '$collection_title';

This is only the most recent iteration of my plugin trial, so there are probably some things that are obviously incorrect.

- I know that 'link_to_home_page' isn't in the Hooks or Filters list, however the example Hooks and Filters I've tried haven't worked either.

- I'd like to have the output appear in the
<div id="site-title>, thus the use of the 'link_to_home_page' function. If that method is completely incorrect, can anyone offer a different suggestion?

- The use of switch() may not be ideal. Is if-elseif-else() is more appropriate?

Thanks again for reading and your suggestions.

I've responded to this question on the dev list.

Others who are interested can read the thread at the dev list.