Dublin or Still Image Metadata

I have just gotten the installation done, hurrah! As I add photographs, I noticed two places where I might identify the item as a photograph. Is it proper to use one or the other or both?

Dublin Core
Anne Leaf photograph, front


Still Image Item Type Metadata
Original Format

Physical Dimensions
6" x 9"

It's ultimately up to you - part of the flexibility of Dublin Core.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I understand your point. In good database design, it is a bad thing to use duplicates, so I was thinking that it would be best to use one or the other. What factors would help make that decision?

Some themes will assume certain Dublin Core fields (title, description, date, creator come to mind) will be filled and set aside space for their contents and/or allow you to sort items on these contents. Some plugins similarly will assume that certain DC fields (e.g. Date) will be filled. In most (if not all?) of these cases you could, conceivably, have also used Item Type Metadata for this purpose. But you'd then have to customize your theme, may run into difficulties using your plugin etc.

In your specific case, however, I don't think it matters. If you don't need to separate out dimensions in a separate field then you can put the format (photograph) and the dimensions of your objects into DC format.

If portability of your data beyond Omeka is a current or eventual concern, I'd suggest leaning toward using the Dublin Core option as much as possible. There's lots of other software that understands Dublin Core, but Item Type Metadata is more Omeka-specific, and since it can vary from site to site, it's often ignored or not included when you try to move to a different platform or set up your metadata to be reused.

Thanks, that helps. BTW, how do you get your photo to show up in the avatar?