Dublin Core Terms in Omeka

Has anyone started using dcterms instead of the original dc elements in Omeka? For example, the creator or author is dcterms:creator not dc.creator.

Sue Kunda
Scholarly Communication and Social Science Librarian
Western Oregon University

Generally everything using the standard unqualified Dublin Core elements is still using the dc: namespace. Some things that work with the Dublin Core Extended plugin use dcterms: when outputting the elements that plugin adds (like the RDF output of the OAI-PMH repository) but those often keep the ones that overlap with the original dc: set in dc:

It seems to me that mostly everything treats the dc: Dublin Core elements and their exact counterparts in dcterms: the same (to the extent they support dcterms at all). Is there some particular reason why the distinction is important for you? Omeka generally doesn't enforce ranges on elements, and I believe that's the only "refinement" that the dcterms versions apply over the dc ones.