Dropbox supports what file formats?

Hi- I need more info about importing information into Omeka. I tried out the Sandbox but the option to add files appears to be inactive so it's not clear to me what file formats does Dropbox support. It says to upload files, but what type of files?

I have 1000 records in a MS Access database - besides 7 text and numerical fields, there is also a bitmap image in each record. (It's a stamp collection.) I'm still figuring out how to export this data, but first I need to know what file formats does Omeka import?


Hi Amy,

Omeka supports all file formats (also see the documentation: http://omeka.org/codex/Files), so you may upload bmp's.

One warning with bmp's is that while a thumbnail is generated in the /items/browse pages, there is no preview available on the items/show. Clicking on the file link, however, takes you to a full-size file image. Here is an example that I just uploaded to the Sandbox: http://omeka.org/sandbox/demo/items/show/16.

As for your Access records, you should be able to export them in a CSV format. We hope to have a CSV import/export plugin available in the fall to make the mapping and importing of database records easier.


Hi Shelia,

Thank you! Good to know about the images. Also, that the CSV import/export plugin is coming soon is great news. I will wait until then to build the database - it will cut down the import time immensely.



Is there any news on the CSV import plugin? I'm looking at Omeka to create a website for an important archaeological metalwork collection of about 4000 records (+photos), and it would be rather handy!

Any news or tips would be greatly appreciated.



We apologize for the delay on our data import plugins. We just released an alpha version of a new Omeka release (0.10), which includes a brand new data model. We'll begin releasing import plugins once the software and database have been thoroughly tested -- i.e. after the final version comes out. For now our priority is writing an OAI-PMH harvester, but a CSV import plugin is probably next in line. We'll keep you posted on our blog when we release these plugins: http://omeka.org/blog/ .


Thanks for the news Jim, I've subscribed to the blog :-)