Dropbox server communication with Omeka

Hi all,

I am trying to use the Dropbox plugin, but have run into a wall. I uploaded the plugin to the server, activated it on the front end (it appears in my admin block on the Omeka site), and was able to write all my files to the Dropbox/files directory on the server. I can see all the PDFs I have added in the files folder on the server side, but when I go to the Omeka front end (either directly from the dropbox plugin or from the Item/file page) I can't see any of the files I uploaded into the plugin's folder. Am I missing something? All my files have sizes on the server, so I know they're on there, but I can't understand why I can't access them from the Omeka site. I should add that I am running Omeka Version 2.1.2, Dropbox plugin version 0.7.2 and and the permissions for the files in the plugin's folders is set to 777.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Just to make sure, the Dropbox/files/ *folder* is 777, and not just the PDF files, correct?

Have you also tried uploading a test .txt file in there instead?

Thanks for the response! I just tested a .txt file and it does appear on the Omeka site. Interestingly, while the file folder on the server is set to 777, the individual files are set to 666. The PDFs, as well as the test text file are set to 666, but the text file is viewable and the PDFs are not. Any thoughts as to why that might be? Thanks again.

To doubly make sure, try uploading a test image .jpg to Dropbox/files/ and see if it shows up. If it works, then try creating a plain text PDF (no images) and uploading to Dropbox/files/.

If that also works, then I suspect there's something wrong with the original PDF itself. I tested a PDF on my end and Dropbox sees it, so it's not a limitation of Omeka/Dropbox.

Maybe see if the PDF is set to read-only, or if it has some kind of password-protection set in Acrobat (assuming you used Adobe to create PDF)?

Ok! I figured out the issue. I successfully uploaded a test image .jpg, a self-created .pdf., and checked the security of the PDFs. The problem was that the original PDFs I uploaded were further separated into organizing file folders (within the dropbox/file folder). As soon as I moved the individual PDFS from their corresponding folders, they all showed up as a list on the dropbox plugin in Omeka. Thank you so much for troubleshooting - it helped me realize the problem.

Sweet! Glad to help.